Over it: The one thing good out of the met gala coverage

In a red carpet that's as boring as any other Hollywood red carpet (so safe! So expected! so try hard! blah!) there was one particular feature on Vogue that I found fascinating and actually relevant to my couch-potato spectator lifestyle. It was about Humans of New York photographing and taking down life details from lesser-known attendees of the MET gala. The results were pretty good (for Vogue, I guess) but this one was fantastic and so on the nose it made me post this instead of whatever else I was going to post today:

“I’m a fashion associate. I come from a family of doctors and lawyers, so I do feel frivolous at times. Fashion is a luxury. I know that everyone gets dressed in the morning, so clothing is a necessity, but a dress like this is not even for the one percent—it’s for the .001 percent. But there’s something magical about that. When I was a little girl, I put pictures of these dresses on my bedroom wall. It’s what I aspired to. And this dress was somebody’s dream and vision. Fifty artisans spent thousands of hours making this. That doesn’t seem frivolous to me. That seems like servitude and artistry. It’s people doing what they love.”

Photographed by Brandon Stanton